Why You Should Consider Buying Gold as an Investment

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If you are good with your finances, then you know that one of the best things you can do is diversify your investments. In addition to saving for things like your retirement, it's also good to invest in the stock market, in real estate, and in unique investments like gold. Yes, you read that right: gold. Although gold may sound like more of an investment that a pirate would make, it's actually something that may be worth investing in yourself.

Here are a few reasons to buy gold for your investment portfolio. 

It's a Tangible Asset

When you put your money into a bank or an investment account, it's not something that you can physically see, which can be a little disconcerting to some investors. When you buy gold, they will mail you actual gold bars, which means that you will have something tangible to hold onto. Having something that you can actually hold in your hands can feel comforting. 

When you are storing your gold, make sure to put it in something like a safe in your house so that you know that it would be protected if your home were to get broken into. 

It Increases In Value

When you are investing in something, you can't look at the short-term returns but rather the long-term return on investment. In a perfect world, you should buy gold early on in your financial career, sit on it for five-plus years, and then sell it for more money than you bought it for later on.

Gold is something that is notorious for maintaining its long-term value, which is one of the main reasons why you should consider purchasing it as an investment. While gold may experience downward as well as upward shifts in value, it will depreciate less than cash sitting in your bank account.

You Can Hedge Markets

Another thing to consider is the fact that you can use gold to hedge against inflation. For instance, during a rise in inflation, a lot of investors buy gold in order to balance out their stocks and create a more diversified financial portfolio.

Gold may be the last thing that you ever thought about investing in, but now that you know a few of the unique benefits of doing so, you may be more inclined to reach out to someone about how you can buy gold. Just remember that just like with anything, it's better to do some investigating into who to buy it from before you do.