3 Essential Tools & Accessories Needed For Wall Murals

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Paint is one of the essentials needed for any kind of wall decor, but if you are taking a wall design to the next level with murals, then you will need more supplies to get the job done. Mural painting can be an overwhelming task, but with the proper tools and accessories from a hardware store, you can create a professional looking mural. 

Follow this quick guide to learn more about tools and accessories needed for a wall mural project.

1. Projector

When you want to transfer a design onto a wall, one of the easiest ways is with a projector. When you project a design onto a wall, you can trace over the design and add in all the details. The projector allows you to set the image at an exact size and ensure everything transfers accurately.

A small cart is ideal for placing a projector so you can move the cart around and see the images you want to trace over.

2. Pencils

When using a projector or doing any early forms of a mural, a pencil is your best medium. Standard pencils will transfer easily onto walls and are easy to cover up with paint. In many cases, you do not need to erase pencil marks and can paint over them directly on the wall.

A pencil allows you to fix mistakes early on before you move onto some of the more detailed painting stages. As you use pencils to draw your mural outlines, take a few steps back to see how the mural is coming out and make adjustments.

Ideally, you should purchase a whole pack of pencils so you have plenty to work with and do not need to constantly sharpen a pencil, delaying the design process. When you shop at a hardware store, you could purchase a box of carpenter pencils, which are made for walls and other construction materials.

3. Rags

When you a paint a wall with a single color, you do not worry so much about the colors dripping or spreading around. When you paint a mural, you do not want colors to drip or blend. One way to prevent this is with a lot of extra rags or heavy-duty paper towels. Keep the rags on hand to quickly wipe off drip marks or globs of paint. 

As you switch to different colors, you do not want to reuse the same rags again. If you purchase reusable rags, then you can wash them and save the rags for future painting projects.

Keep all of the accessories in mind the next time you plan a mural, and shop at a hardware store.