3 Gifts To Give A New Mom For Mother's Day

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Whether your daughter, sister, best friend, granddaughter or anyone else special in your life just gave birth, there is no better time to celebrate them being a new mom than Mother's Day. Rather than giving them something generic like a gift card, their first Mother's Day is the perfect chance for you to give them something that's really personal and thoughtful. From vinyl window graphics to put on their car to a customized necklace, here are three gifts to consider getting them. 

Clear Vinyl Window Graphics

Nothing can make a new mom feel more like a new mom than bragging about what she has on board (literally). One fun idea for you to gift them is some clear vinyl window graphics of their new family. For instance, you can have a little silhouette of their partner, themself, and their new bundle of joy. Then your loved one can put them on the back of their car so that they can show off the fact that they are a new mom to everyone who drives behind them. Contact a resource like DCM Inc. to learn more about vinyl window graphics.

A Framed Picture

Having a framed picture of a mother and her new baby is something they will treasure for the rest of forever, especially if it's the first picture that was ever taken of them. Try to get ahold of a sentimental picture from Facebook or Instagram and then have it professionally framed so they can put it on their bedside table or in their living room for everyone to see. If you want to edit the picture a little bit, consider just making it a black-and-white photo, which can give off a more classic look. 

Customized Necklace

One trend right now that's really popular among young moms is customized necklaces with the initials of their new baby on it. Whether they like more delicate things or they like something that's more of a statement, you should be able to find a necklace in just about any style or size. If you have it in your budget, consider getting them a necklace that's made out of sterling silver or gold so that it lasts a long time. 

A new mother's first Mother's Day is a special time that is definitely worth celebrating. Keep these three gifts in mind to give the new mother in your life this year so that you can create a day that's as memorable as possible.